Organisation Character Type Assessment

The objective of the OCTA is to obtain your view of how your organisation functions. The questionnaire has been through 3 cycles of statistical validation and has been successfully used in a number of organisations.

All responses received by end of May will be used in a study focusing on leadership.

Please note that there are no “right", "wrong" or "perfect" responses. The usefulness of the results obtained will depend on your honesty in responding to the statements.

The questionnaire starts with 6 "biographical" questions followed by 74 statements (spread over 4 pages). You must consider each statement and indicate how strongly you agree or disagree that the statement applies to your organisation. It should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

The rating scale is as follows;
1 = Agree strongly with the statement
2 = Agree with the statement
3 = Statement does not apply to my company / Neutral regarding the statement
4 = Disagree with the statement.
5 = Disagree strongly with the statement

Scoring is done centrally on an off-line computer based system. The system does not allow for the extraction of individual responses and is available only to the developer of the instrument. All responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality. (An on line scoring system is in development)

If you know of more people that wish to participate, feel free to invite them.

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