Services provided by Lyn

Project Coordination

Organisations often dream of specific projects for which they may not have the necessary staff capacity. It is often more cost-effective and efficient to contract a consultant that is able to focus specifically on this specific short or medium-term project or programme.

Lyn has extensive experience of managing small and large projects, particularly in the NGO sector.

As project manager of the internationally acclaimed CARIS programme of CABSA, Lyn was responsible for all aspects from the original needs analysis, fundraising, management to eventual closure of the programme 14 years later.

Shorter term projects included acting as local host for the interfaith activities at the International AIDS Conference in Durban in 2016. This included a two day conference for more than 300 participants, an interfaith networking zone in the Global Village, an interfaith worship service, managing the participation of key ecclesiastic dignitaries, et cetera.

Most recently Lyn coordinated an interfaith advocacy campaign on access to paediatric testing and treatment for WCC-EAA.

Research and Analysis

Key components of effective projects are thorough understanding of the context and needs at the start of the programme, and interim and final impact analysis and project reports.

Lyn's analytic and communication abilities enables her to distil the essence from a project and write clear and concise analysis and reports.

She has amongst others been primarily responsible for all CABSA and CARIS project reports, for writing or overseeing annual facilitators reports, and for the publication “Faith Leaders and HIV Stigma Reduction in Africa: Good Practices Collection” for World Association for Christian Communication and Hope for HIV/AIDS International (HFA) available

Writing, Content- and Copy Editing

Lyn is fascinated by the use of words and language. Her meticulous research, wide vocabulary and writing skills ensure that factual content is accurate, but also that the 'feeling' content is included and reflected where appropriate. 

She would be happy to assist with the writing and developing of organisational policies, advocacy statements, reports, and even your organisational history in English or Afrikaans.

She recently acted as content editor for a special edition of "Contact", a publication of the World Council of Churches focussing on Health. This special edition focussed on primary healthcare at the 40th anniversary of the Alma Ata declaration.

Training and Facilitation 

Lyn can present a range of workshops - both independently and together with her partner Jan. Workshops include governance, leadership, communication, advocacy, social media etc. You can read more about available training programmes here.

Communication and Social Media for NPOs

Lyn has extensive experience with both social and traditional media in the NPO sector. Social media experience includes currently managing four Facebook pages and three Twitter accounts. In addition to developing communication strategies and managing social media and communication for individuals and NGOs, we can present workshops or one-on-one sessions to assist individuals to manage their own platforms.

Lyn regularly edits documents and publications, and has been involved in recording good practices and designing and developing newsletters (using MailChimp, GraphicMail and other platforms), annual reports and various publications.

Advocacy and Social Justice

Lyn is passionate about justice and has led various advocacy campaigns. She played a key role in re-activating, promoting and supporting the international Thursdays in Black Campaign. She developed an advocacy training programme and has presented it to individuals in grassroots organisations and staff and management of regional organisations. 

Lyn has been actively involved with the work of the World Council of Churches – Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance for many years.

At present she serves on the HIV Strategy Group for the Faith on the Fast Track campaign, and leads a paediatric HIV advocacy campaign in South Africa. She also collaborates on the Common Voice campaign. You can read more about this work here.

Wellness and Stress Management

Lyn's interest in stress and wellness led to a summer school in Behavioral Medicine Applications from the Cape Cod Institute, before she completed her MBA thesis on the topic of Organisational Stress and Individual Personality Type. Lyn presents workshops and guides individuals and organisations to address stress in their context.

Event and Conference Coordination

Lyn for many years coordinated the interfaith activities at the South African AIDS Conference, ICASA, and CABSA conferences and mini-conferences. In 2016 Lyn coordinated the interfaith activities of the International AIDS Conference in Durban, when CABSA acted as the local host organisation. Activities at this event included a three day preconference, an exhibition and networking zone at the global village and the presence and involvement of various high level church leaders.

Constituent Relationship Management

Lyn has developed various organisational databases and processes for interaction and communication with key constituent groups, most recently for We Will Speak Out SA.