It has been a while since we published our last blog and reflection. In that reflection, we discussed some confusions that exist regarding organisation culture. Organisation culture is complex and multi-faceted and it becomes quite difficult to discuss some of the more complex aspects in our reflections. This is specifically relevant given our self-imposed standard that reflections must be four pages of informative yet “relatively” easy reading.

To help with future reflections on culture, we decided that as background and before the next reflection, Jan should first explain his journey into working with culture. We can reveal that the journey started with a basic question about the relationship between three generally accepted statements. The content does not classify to become one of our reflections so you can read about it here.

We are also glad to announce that after almost 25 years, many frustrations, successes and explorations, a related journey is about to begin. Jan is letting his brain-child leave the nest and has decided to make the questionnaire he developed and tested available internationally for use by OD and HR practitioners. Feel free to contact him if you wish to know more but as the saying goes, watch this space.

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